Discover the Story of Lockyer

Would you like to rescue a unique piece of our sporting heritage? With a Lockyer de-activated historic sporting arm you can do just that.

Once upon a time, a Lockyer was a working shotgun, some made over a century ago. These beautiful sporting arms were individually hand-made by British craftsmen, putting hundreds of hours of meticulous work into each piece.

Times change, and as the sport of shooting has developed, these unique side-by-side sporting arms have become increasingly rare.  Today, the art of the craftsman gunmaker is in danger of being lost completely.  But here at Lockyer we are passionate about re-discovering lost heritage sporting arms and giving them new life as historic sporting art.

We rescue heritage sporting arms by discovering them, de-activating them, and renovating them so that they can be owned by enthusiasts and displayed in people’s homes for everyone to enjoy, with no need for licenses or security.

The founders of Lockyer, tell the story of Lockyer: “We just couldn’t bear the thought of these wonderful vintage sporting arms being scrapped. We see historic sporting arms as works of art as well as pieces of engineering, and we founded Lockyer to be the saving of them. They may be past their sell-by-date as functioning sporting arms for shooting with, but we feel we are rescuing them.  And when someone buys one, we want them to fall in love with it.  We actually want owning a Lockyer to be an emotional experience, for people to appreciate the sporting arms for its craftsmanship and its artistic value. You know, a Lockyer is part of our sporting history – it could be 130 years old… if only it could talk to you…”

Discovering “lost” guns has become an obsession for us. We rescue the guns and turn them into a work of art and a historic item that you can legally own.  We deactivate the gun – go to Creating a Lockyer to read the full process.  Then we renovate and restore the gun until it feels right and is something you want to pick up and handle, and you can “dry fire” it. Now the true beauty of the “lost” gun re-emerges.

At Lockyer we all hope that our de-activated historic sporting arms will pass on their story to a whole new generation of people who have never shot. Normally you have to have a license to own a shotgun, and then they are all locked away in cabinets, but with the Lockyer, you can own and display one, and learn all about their history.  Every gun is unique, and we want to communicate the values and the sporting ideals that these guns represent. We believe a Lockyer is something special that people will want to talk about.

Own your own piece of history with Lockyer of England deactivated sporting arms.