Design Your Personal Lockyer

Every Lockyer gun is a unique one-off piece, unlike any other. And you can make your Lockyer even more special and personal to you by commissioning your own design. We can also help you to de-activate and restore an existing shotgun that you own – perhaps one recently inherited from a family member.

With its distinctive, historic engraving, each Lockyer is already a work of art, and we can add new art work of your choice on the sporting arm’s stock. You can even have a modern print covering your stock. The Lockyer team are enjoying matching up very modern screen-prints to these century-old sporting arms.

With a choice of several different barrel finishes, your Lockyer can easily fit into the design scheme of your home.

If you would like gold triggers and bronze barrels then we can meet these requirements. There are a number of combinations that you can choose from so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Perhaps you have recently inherited a working shotgun and don’t want the bother of applying to the police for a shotgun certificate? Or maybe your circumstances have changed and it is no longer convenient to have the required safe-storage for a working gun, but you would like to keep the gun all the same. Lockyer can help by collecting the gun from safe-keeping and officially de-activating and certificating it for you. Then you can join our team in designing how you would like your gun to look when restored.

Talk to us to discuss all these options and personalise your Lockyer today.